Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Our policy is to protect and respect the privacy of your company. This Privacy Policy is formulated in order to process and use personal data that we collect from you along with the general principles mentioned in this document. Please use the entire page carefully to let us know how we view your personal information and how to deal with it. We try to keep some basic details when you visit our site and in this way commemorate and respect the importance of maintaining the security of these data and let you know when you get your profile.
It is important to note that this Privacy Policy applies only to this Web Site. If I get links to other sites, you are subject to specific vendor policies. Therefore, to go through the web, so that you can use our services and products, we provide the greatest gains is very important.
What information do we collect from you?
Typical data collection forms are completed or registered on our website. When applying for or registering for this website, you will be prompted to enter your name or e-mail address for licensing purposes. You can still take advantage of the unfortunate consistency of our site.
How do we use the information you provide to us?
Does not use the information we provide, and can be used in any of the following ways:
To customize your experience – this information will enable us to effectively respond to their own needs.
In order to improve our website – this gives us the information we see from our website. Therefore, we strive to support our own development based on our website.
To improve the customer experience – this information will enable us to effectively respond to customer needs and better support our customers
For the transaction – you leave this site will not sell, transfer or any other company communication or third party information for any reason.
To send e-mail on a regular basis – Provide e-mail and the address that will be used to process your application requests and send electronic newspapers about performance or the condition of our site. However, this does not just happen with your consent in sight.
How do we protect this information?
I planted a lot of security measures to ensure the security of your personal information.
We do not discuss your information with third parties?
Not at the same time, market, sales data or transfer to a third party. Therefore, any information posted on our website is treated with respect and privacy. We abide by the law and respect the privacy of all our business dealings.
Online Privacy Policy
In this case, the privacy policy only applies when you collect online information through our website. It does not include the information collected.
By taking advantage of our site, you agree with all the details here. For more information, you can contact us by e-mail: [email protected]